Moroccan morsels: Mosaic by Simo

Simo is synonymous with Moroccan food in Christchurch. The Moroccan born chef is very well known for bringing his own flair to the exciting flavours and delicious fare at his Addington restaurant.   If you’ve been into Mosaic by Simo recently, you will have noticed a few changes; changes for the better. Loyal customers of […]

Simo Abbari

Making Moroccan magic: Q&A with Simo Abbari

As we hunt for healthier takeaway options and balanced diets, Moroccan cuisine is increasingly hitting the consumer consciousness. We catch up with Simo Abbari from Christchurch’s very own Mosaic by Simo about this culinary revolution.     What is your background in food and how did your love of Moroccan fare come about? My love […]