Understanding Enduring Powers of Attorney: Kannangara Thomson

It is a common misconception that Enduring Powers of Attorneys (EPAs) are only relevant for ‘old people’. The reality is that a health mishap, medical or accident related, can befall anyone at any age. The fact is that everyone should have these important estate planning tools in place. Having EPAs prepared now means that you […]

A place to call home: Merivale Retirement Village

“This is a marvelous place to call home – a place we are really proud of.”     That’s the feeling of the residents of Merivale Retirement’s striking new facility on Somme Street. Designed by Marc Barron of Jerram Tocker Barron Architects and built by Jones and Wyatt Construction, the building exudes the elegance and […]

Cut through the legal jargon: Kannangara Thomson

By Kannangara Thomson Partner Brent Selwyn  At Kannangara Thomson we have a point of difference which not all law firms have in that as many as nine different languages are spoken in our offices. As a firm we also have a by-line “we speak your language” which is a play on words in as much […]

Helping you hear: Hear Again

Samantha Foster, co-owner and General Manager of Hear Again says that in helping adults of all ages with their hearing, it is usually family members who first notice hearing loss in a loved one and urge them to have their hearing checked. “Clients often come to Hear Again saying ‘I’m fine, everyone just mumbles in […]

Winning the life Lottery

Winning the life Lottery

The day that death came knocking on Liesl Johnstone’s door, she didn’t answer. Far too busy and she was, after all, young and healthy. She shares her story.     This day, death hovered. I’d been gardening a week earlier, picking up barbed branches; gnarly old thorns more lethal than fork prongs. I was wearing […]


Rosie on the mend: Ourvets

This issue, Veterinarian Dr Geoff Mehrtens, shares Rosie’s journey to recovery, thanks to expert care from Ourvets.     Rosie was a happy, healthy six-year-old female Shih Tzu x Lhasa Apso who had become uncomfortable recently when urinating. A general examination of Rosie revealed no abnormalities; however, her owner Bridget had noticed that Rosie was […]

Caring for colleagues

Caring for colleagues

Christchurch Detective Sergeant Brad Greenstreet beat depression and is now sharing his story and the stories of other colleagues who have encountered tough times. “Mental Health is such an important topic and it’s ok to talk about it,” the 38-year-old says.     Having been in the police force for 13 years, Brad says an […]

Fendalton Retirement Village

One big family: Fendalton Retirement Village

It’s been something of a hidden secret in Fendalton, but the residents of Fendalton Retirement Village love its boutique size, its garden surroundings and its truly family atmosphere. The staff of the village are especially attentive to those residents who require a little more individual care.     There are different levels of care at […]

More Mobility

Take back your independence: More Mobility

Take back your independence     It’s scooter season! With the warmer weather and rising fuel costs, mobility scooters are the lucrative solution to an easy, enjoyable, independent life – when it’s no longer viable to drive. “There’s no registration or warrant of fitness, and they are extremely affordable to operate,” owner of More Mobility […]

Lawrence Wong

A broad legal skillset: Lawrence Wong

Kannangara Thomson partner Lawrence Wong says that joining the firm has been a great move for him and his clients.     After 40 years in the law mostly at one larger Christchurch firm, Lawrence finds the relaxed and friendly environment at Kannangara Thomson refreshing. Having spent a significant part of his working life as […]