Approaching alterations: Linetype Architectural

Having recently received a National Award at the 2019 ADNZ Resene Architectural Design Awards in the Additions and Alterations Category, I thought it timely to share a few thoughts on my approach to altering houses. Often there is already a good amount of dollar value in the existing house, so one needs to be careful […]

Canterbury designers take a bow

Six out of the 10 award-winning projects at the 2019 ADNZ Resene Architectural Design Awards, one of New Zealand’s most prestigious architecture awards, are by Christchurch designers. 145 entries were received from some of the most talented designers across the country. The awards were held on Friday 18 October in Queenstown.     The Christchurch […]

Affordability and the culture trap: Linetype Architectural

When it comes to houses, there are certain ergonomic features that make a space function, but it’s hard to argue for a need when spaces get larger than necessity dictates. However, strip a design back to necessity and we might be disappointed with what we are presented.     Therefore, it’s important to recognise we […]

Is Affordable Architecture an Oxymoron?

    Look at the cookie cutter houses in some of the new subdivisions and you may not have found architectural inspiration, but there is reason behind some of the repetition of form. A particular roof pitch and a 600mm eave mean that there will be no cladding above the windows. A certain floor plan […]

Affordable hilltop lifestyle

Affordable hilltop lifestyle

A hilltop lifestyle dream and a desire for affordability produced Linetype Architectural Director & Designer Ben Brady’s own enchanting home on Moncks Spur.     A search for hill sites led him here, but Ben initially rejected the section because its 30-degree slope meant the numbers just didn’t add up. However, a serendipitous price reduction […]