Lilia Tarawa

An Empowering Escape: Lilia Tarawa

Lilia Tarawa’s childhood was both heaven – and hell. The large, isolated community of Gloriavale where she was raised, 70km inland from Greymouth on the West Coast, near the Haupiri River, was both idyllic – and cruel. The granddaughter of Hopeful Christian, founder of one of the country’s most notorious religious cults, the Cooperites, Lilia […]

Metropol Editor Melinda Collins

Editor’s Perspective: August 30th issue

“Human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights, once and for all” — Hillary Clinton Somewhat of a theme has emerged in this issue of Metropol. I wish I could lay literary claim to this feat of editorial ingenuity, but alas it has been pure chance. See, it seems that on the […]

Lilia Tarawa

Telling Extraordinary Tales: TEDxChristchurch

Lilia Tarawa is a New Zealand writer, speaker, holistic health consultant and business coach. Born into New Zealand’s infamous religious cult, Gloriavale, her life was both heaven and hell, before she fled with her eleven family members at eighteen years of age. “The universe second chanced me a life I never dreamed possible,” she wrote […]