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Liposuction & fat transfer

Tumescent liposuction is recognised as the safest form of liposuction. Dr Ken Macdonald from KM Surgical fills us in on the benefits of this popular technology.



Offering an unparalleled opportunity to improve body contours without general anaesthetic, tumescent liposuction improves your body’s shape by removing unwanted fat in a very careful manner with microcannulae.

Tumescent liposuction creates attractive body contours in a safe and comfortable way with a quick recovery to normal activities. Different people can benefit from this very safe type of liposuction if they have disproportionate fat collections and if they have already done their best with diet and exercise, but just cannot get the improvement they want.

Tumescent liposuction can be the best solution for many people and takes over where ultrasound and cryolypolisis can’t go.

As we age, our fat layers thin down and clump, and are also subject to gravity.

Fat grafting gives a permanent increase in volume to depleted sites. Exciting new advances with micro fat help fat cell survival and reduce recipient site inflammation and fat cell loss.

You can expect a quick recovery and long-lasting volume improvement, and you may also benefit from the adipose derived stem cell rejuvenation which can accompany these procedures.

For suitable patients, fat can be transferred from a donor site to a recipient site using small cannulas.

Fat transfer procedures are done using a local anaesthetic and with light sedation and can achieve excellent results for augmentation of facial, eyelid, and hand sites.

Fat transfer to breast and buttocks uses the tumescent liposuction technique to take fat from parts of your body with fat to spare, purifies it and injects it into fat depleted sites.

This can be an option for some women who are looking for a modest increase in breast size and shape and who prefer a natural result without an implant.

Fat transfer can also be used for scars and other conditions where there is fat loss.

Think about an appointment with KM Surgical – the liposuction Vaser™, Microaire™ PAL and fat grafting experts at Avenue Health.



Cool new fat freezing treatment: KM Surgical

KM Surgical is thrilled to now have the state of the art Cooltech™ procedure within the clinic, considered one of the most advanced fat freezing techniques in the world.


Complementing Dr Ken Macdonald’s experience with VASER and Tumescent Liposuction, Cooltech™ offers a non-surgical approach to fat reduction. This technology freezes fat cells to a temperature of -8 degrees, causing cell death of subcutaneous fat without damaging surrounding tissue. Macrophages then eliminate the fat through the lymphatic system creating a more sculptured look over the following weeks.

A consultation with either their Registered Nurse Nicole or Dermal Therapist Danielle is required. These consultations are also overseen by Dr Ken Macdonald to ensure that Cooltech™ is the best procedure for you. Registered Nurse Nicole says that a full 30-minute consultation is required before going ahead with a procedure such as this.

“At KM Surgical we want our patients to have the best possible aesthetic outcomes, therefore we provide thorough and honest assessments that ensure our patients feel safe within the clinic and are happy with their results,” she says. “We are one of the busiest liposuction clinics in New Zealand, so you are in very safe hands.”

Competitively priced, treatments range from $450-$850 per session. Cooltech™ has been designed with two hand pieces so patients can target two areas within the one session. During your 70 minute treatment you can work on your laptop or simply revel in the time to relax.

“A session using Cooltech™ in the under-chin area works really well combined with some of our other therapies and appearance medicine for the face,” their manager Julia says. See the KM Surgical Facebook page to view a video of the Cooltech™ in action.



Angela Millar

Creating Brow Beauty: Angela Millar

Some are born with great eyebrows, some achieve great eyebrows and the rest of us have great eyebrows cosmetically tattooed upon us, preferably by Angela Millar, semi-permanent eyebrow and eyeliner specialist at KM Surgical.


Angela Millar


Angela’s brow and eyeliner work is bespoke to your face and desired look. Digital technology, together with nano needling, enables adjustable speed and needle configuration. Clients can achieve feathered, powdered, ombre or a combination finish on their brows and, as with the eyeliner, the iron oxide-free pigments can be placed further into the skin for a stronger and longer lasting look, or with less depth for a softer look.

Brow micro-pigmentation takes between two and two and a half hours. The first hour is spent shaping the existing brow, mapping and drawing before the micro-pigmentation begins. Angela loves the fact that “perfect brows are with you throughout your day. You wake up with them, they go swimming with you or to the gym and out to dinner that night.”  Angela’s work is also popular with clients with alopecia or who are going into a course of chemotherapy.

Angela says clients are aged from 18 to 87 and choosing both subtle and bolder looks in brows and eyeliner. KM Surgical offers the fabulous advantage of also having laser and filler specialists on site. “We integrate to correct unsatisfactory work done elsewhere and to combine all the client’s facial treatments,” Angela says. Plus, reassuringly, dermatologists are on site if there are medical constraints or skin imperfections.



KM Surgical

Enhancing your looks: KM Surgical

KM Surgical has cemented its position as the top tier provider of cosmetic, appearance and skin medicine.


KM Surgical


Now located at Avenue Health 202 Bealey Ave, an experienced specialist and nursing team offer a hospital level facility for surgeries, with theatres at top specification, and day-stay surgery accreditation. KM Surgical has a surgical focus on advanced level local anaesthetic procedures rather than general anaesthesia. These procedures are safe with quick recovery.  “We focus on achieving natural results with facial rejuvenation, liposuction and laser resurfacing,” Dermatologist and Director Doctor Ken Macdonald says. KM Surgical offers a Vertical Vector Facelift (MACS lift), which is very effective at correcting sagging facial tissue, such as jowls, neck and cheeks. It works by tightening tissues under the skin.

“For good results you have to tighten tissues under the skin,” he says. Upper and lower eyelid rejuvenation is a popular option also, and severe sun damage can be treated with laser resurfacing. KM Surgical also offers a full range of appearance medicine treatments, such as injectables and thread lifting.  The laser suite caters for an extensive range of options: veins, nails, tattoos and scars.
KM Surgical also has expertise in body contouring with tumescent liposuction, which remains the definitive treatment for fat removal, and it can be combined with augmentation via fat transfer to face, buttocks, breasts and scars.

Dr Macdonald says they have been building the cosmetic practice for 15 years, but the field is always advancing, and the team ensures it is at the forefront of new approaches and technology.  Treatments can usually be scheduled within a month of the initial consultation, but the team strongly encourages clients to discuss options thoroughly, think carefully and obtain sound advice before they go ahead with elective surgical procedures.

With KM Surgical having its own facility, the procedures are cost effective and finance is available. “We do not advise overseas cosmetic surgeries which are high risk.”



KM Surgical

Beauty’s better half: KM Surgical

When something about looking in the mirror isn’t quite right, it’s easy to be needlessly fatalistic. However, age and sun-related problems like sagging, lines and facial deflation can be reversed in a medically sound way.

KM Surgical

At KM Surgical, an experienced team of doctors and six registered nurses practice safe and effective facial rejuvenation.
Dr Ken Macdonald of KM Surgical at Avenue Health in Bealey Avenue cautions people about the risks and pitfalls of seeking cosmetic surgery overseas. He believes there’s general lack of knowledge about the sometimes devastating consequences of plastic-surgery tourism.
“Our focus here is on producing good, natural-looking results for our patients in a peer-reviewed, medically multi-disciplinary environment,” Dr Ken says. “We will do a procedure only if the results are going to be right for a patient for the long term,” he adds.
With specialists in slightly differing areas of expertise working side by side here, Dr Macdonald says the KM surgical team is ideally placed diagnostically. He’s been aware of patients seeking treatment for age-spots in non-medical aesthetic treatment clinics, which were actually undiagnosed melanomas.
From the novice’s viewpoint, it makes sense then, even when seeking just a lunchtime facial filler or laser procedure, to have it done safely in a purpose-built day-stay surgery facility, where there’s on-site medical supervision.
Thankfully, KM Surgical offers just about every procedure known to be aesthetically and medically beneficial, which results in natural-looking rejuvenation. The team uses minimally-invasive techniques and light sedation for all cosmetic surgical treatments, making recovery fast and ensuring safety.