Angela Millar

Creating Brow Beauty: Angela Millar

Some are born with great eyebrows, some achieve great eyebrows and the rest of us have great eyebrows cosmetically tattooed upon us, preferably by Angela Millar, semi-permanent eyebrow and eyeliner specialist at KM Surgical.


Angela Millar


Angela’s brow and eyeliner work is bespoke to your face and desired look. Digital technology, together with nano needling, enables adjustable speed and needle configuration. Clients can achieve feathered, powdered, ombre or a combination finish on their brows and, as with the eyeliner, the iron oxide-free pigments can be placed further into the skin for a stronger and longer lasting look, or with less depth for a softer look.

Brow micro-pigmentation takes between two and two and a half hours. The first hour is spent shaping the existing brow, mapping and drawing before the micro-pigmentation begins. Angela loves the fact that “perfect brows are with you throughout your day. You wake up with them, they go swimming with you or to the gym and out to dinner that night.”  Angela’s work is also popular with clients with alopecia or who are going into a course of chemotherapy.

Angela says clients are aged from 18 to 87 and choosing both subtle and bolder looks in brows and eyeliner. KM Surgical offers the fabulous advantage of also having laser and filler specialists on site. “We integrate to correct unsatisfactory work done elsewhere and to combine all the client’s facial treatments,” Angela says. Plus, reassuringly, dermatologists are on site if there are medical constraints or skin imperfections.



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