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All scream for ice cream: Ice Cream Charlie

A lot of us have happy memories associated with ice cream – summer nights, walks along the beach, a first date or a 60th anniversary. This tasty treat is a crowd pleaser that brings joy with just one lick. Ice Cream Charlie is home of the Vanilla Ice and, as such, Kiwi hearts are the home of Ice Cream Charlie.


The ice cream connoisseurs have been serving New Zealanders, specifically Cantabrians, for more than 100 years, with the first ‘Ice Cream Charlie’ (Sali Mahomet) serving from his cart in Cathedral Square in 1903.

Since then there have been seven owners but they each share the same philosophy of having a product that is 100 percent natural, using only the best New Zealand ingredients.

Their Vanilla Ice is not too creamy and not too icy and their raspberry sauce or fruit toppings make for a great pairing.

This is why they are the perfect people to cater for your next event, be it a work party, birthday or even your wedding.

Bring those happy memories to your next event – this delicious delicacy is good enough to make anyone giddy with excitement.

For more information on how you can hire this awesome team see below.


The happy dairy

Sue Trafford of Charing Cross Cheesery says it felt like it could be a “cool adventure” when she and her husband Guy were invited to become part of the new Riverside Market in Christchurch. “To make the transition from food producers to food retailers was a real leap of faith, but it’s been amazing and so much better than we expected.”



Sue says that apart from providing the best in gourmet foods, Riverside Market has a good educative aspect.

“With our artisan cheeses, for example, customers can chat with us about what they like and take advantage of our in-depth knowledge to find something that’s completely new to them and they’d never find anywhere else.”

Purveyors of their own homegrown sheep’s milk, yoghurt and cheeses – of which their feta, halloumi, and the smoothly moreish labneh are proving irresistible to cheese lovers, Charing Cross Cheesery also showcases other South Island cheese and dairy brands.

“Being ethical, sustainable, keeping it local and building strong supplier relationships is important to us,” Sue says.

“It’s what being a true, traditional cheese monger is all about.”

A recent addition to their dairy fare is – wait for it – sheep’s milk gelato!

Coming in scrumptious flavours such as Amarena Cherry, Citrus, Coffee and Rich Chocolate, customers are more than curious to try it.

“We’re the only people in New Zealand making sheep’s milk gelato. Once you taste it, there’s no going back!”

Find Charing Cross Cheesery at Riverside Market on the corner of Lichfield Street and Oxford Terrace.


The coolest events in town: The Rollin’ Pedaler

Why is it that when licking an ice cream, we instantly feel so darned good? James Wasley and Laura Proudman can answer that one. It was five years ago in a Stratford-Upon-Avon pub that a shared love for Mint Choc-Chip ice cream soon found James and Laura falling in love and setting off for Continental Europe to travel… and sample more ice cream.



Eventually Laura returned home to New Zealand – and brought Englishman James with her.

Settling in Methven, they then decided to do something about their passion for ice cream, so they bought a 1920s-style tricycle, called Evelyn, and launched The Rollin’ Pedaler.

Evelyn can store and serve up to four flavours from a range of New Zealand’s finest, award-winning, premium sourced ice cream. She comes with her own props and wardrobe, has a rechargeable battery freezer, enjoys both indoor and outdoor settings, and loves keeping her professional serving staff busy.

With James and Laura kitted out in matching tweed caps, bow ties and braces, they make for a delightfully novel addition to any event.

“We do everything – weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, Christmas parties, bridal showers, corporate events and sporting events; whatever is put to us, we’ll be there,” James says. “We’re fun, quirky, something a bit different and we’re affordable. We like to think we make every occasion or event just that extra bit special.”

All prices include free-flowing ice cream servings, waffle cones and/or bowls, along with additional toppings.

For more information, email or visit