Maid to wear

Co-ordinating bridesmaid outfits can be tricky business. Deciding to match or mix styles and colours – and getting a universal seal of approval – can be tough work. Here is Metropol’s bridesmaid style inspiration.   Mix it up – Who said all the bridesmaids had to match? Not us! Women come in all shapes and […]

The power of print

Bold, brave and ultra-feminine, prints are making their mark across the fashion landscape and our wardrobes are all the better for it. Whether you experiment with animal, floral or geometric prints, you won’t know what type works best until you’ve tried them all… so we’ve thrown together some of the trending ways to get a […]

Botanical beauty

Nature is undeniably beautiful. Therefore, adorning ourselves in leafy glade renditions or the magical mystique of a lush green forest reflects our free-spirited feminine wiles.     Karen Walker has her own take on the botanical twist. Her ‘Runaway Girl’ pendant has turned woodland nymph, now dangling an adorable oversized acorn as a change from […]

To the max

The trends of maximalism and minimalism seem to be fighting for the top spot everywhere. It’s time to wave goodbye to demi-fine jewellery as it steps out of the spotlight and is replaced by a chunkier rival.     This season, leave your dainty jewels on the duchess and make way for bolder, heavier, chunkier […]


Ear-candy: let your earrings do the speaking

Sometimes loud and proud is exactly what you want your earrings to scream, and most certainly when your outfit does not. Thankfully, there’s plenty of eye – or more specifically ear – candy to tempt a loosening of the purse strings, with statement earrings doing the sartorial seducing this season. They don’t have to be […]