St Andrew’s College: Meet the Principal

I am a great believer in girls and boys being educated alongside one another. I went to a co-educational school myself and believe it is the best way to prepare young people for their future. I’m the first female Rector at St Andrew’s College and have been in the role since 2007, following a long […]

Meet the Principal: St Andrew’s College

Rector Christine Leighton says St Andrew’s College is “strongly committed” to the holistic development of its students. “We recognise each student as an individual and, with a multi-dimensional approach, support their personal development and well-being alongside a growth mindset for learning. We strive to ensure our students leave with not only a world-class education, but […]

Meet the Principal 2019: Christine Leighton of St Andrew’s College

  St Andrew’s College has great respect for its long history and proud traditions, and is also focused on creating new opportunities to inspire future generations, says Christine Leighton, the only female Rector at St Andrew’s throughout its 101 year history. “We have a new strategic direction, Framing our Future, which combines the best of […]