Art for children’s sake

A is for axe heads created from K’ Road kauri tiles, B is for beehives woven from straw, C is for ceramic rock-pops complete with ceramic sprinkles and wrinkled wrappers… all these and more will be available on 8-10 November when Sculpture on the Peninsula opens.     Sculptors throughout New Zealand are drawing on […]

Supporting the region’s children

A beautiful historic context is woven into the Canterbury landscape, but perhaps one of the most poignant of them all is the story behind a little Canterbury haven known as Cholmondeley Children’s Centre, in a dip off the main highway through Governors Bay.     Hugh Heber Cholmondeley and his beloved wife Margaret, known affectionately […]


Be a gem! – Cholmondeley

Everyone is invited to attend The Little Gems Project for Cholmondeley – where the theme for the night will be ‘Denim, Diamonds and Dancing’.     Saturday evening May 4 at Sixty6 on Peterborough is the chance to dig out the denim, put on some sparkle and join MC Jason Gunn for an evening of […]

Mix & Mingle

Mix & mingle: five activities that are perfect for those who don’t want a night on the town

Let’s face it, bar hopping and dance parties are so last year. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t still some wonderful opportunities to mix and mingle, and kick up your heels in a much more creative sense of the expression. We’ve collated a collection of some of the city’s more subdued selections when it comes […]