Salt of the earth

If you thought Himalayan salt lamps were a thing of the past.. you’re probably right.   But that’s not to say something that was wildly popular in the 1980s can’t make a comeback, in fact that’s how most trends work. While they’re technically not a ‘new thing’, 40 years later salt lamps are starting to […]


Bohemian bedrooms: how to get this easy-going carefree look in your own home

Bohemian decor can’t help but be a stand-out style in any room. Bohemian is too hip to be square; it’s a welcome digression away from the conversative; proudly eclectic. Whoever partners with this concept must appreciate an adventurous aesthetic. A free-spirit, bohemian decor embraces culture, colour and carefree style – from compelling patterns and fiery […]