First for agricultural training: Telford Rural College

Numerous factors should be considered in finding the right place to study, then choosing the right qualification which will get you to where you want to go in a career. Telford has been skilfully shaping farming futures for more than 50 years, producing well-rounded, successful graduates. Here are three reasons why Telford is a great […]

From the land: Selwyn District Council

Selwyn is only 10 minutes from central Christchurch and a gateway to wild scenery, producers of food lovingly made from the land, and is steeped in Canterbury‚Äôs agricultural history.     Bordered by the stunning braided rivers of Waimakariri and Rakaia, the waterways provides fertile ground for farmers and adventurers alike. Exhilarating jet boat rides […]

A bright future in agriculture: Telford College

Forming an integral part of New Zealand farming history, Telford has been preparing students for their future in agriculture for more than 50 years.     As the newest faculty of the Southern Institute of Technology (SIT), Telford has benefited from significant investment in the last year, and as a result has had essential work […]