Swish Storage

Swish Storage

Modern storage is about much more than the classic wall unit – although even these are evolving into creative pieces in their own right, as space becomes a premium. Options are clever, unique and fantastically functional.


Swish Storage


Locked up
Lockers became the coolest thing out when industrial retro was hot – and their sheer practicality now lives on. However, school-corridor grey has blossomed into new versions of dusky pinks through to mint greens – akin to a New York apartment. Single tall storage lockers are perfect to slot into those once-redundant narrow wall spaces. Metal is fire proof, so keep precious documents and mementos under the locker’s lock and key.


Down the ladder
Whether it’s a retro ladder with added shelves, or an affordable new version, cascading ladder shelving is perfect to store handy items or to showcase beautiful things. Transportable, they are great in bathrooms for towels and toiletries, bedrooms for toys and trinkets, or for book collections and plants in the lounge. Either weathered vintage or beach-house white, the trend reflects all themes.


Furniture hide ‘n’ seek
It’s very James Bond – secret drawers built into everything such as bed bases, couches with hidden cavities or tables with draws. What about an ottoman: is it a seat, a table? Yes, but it’s also a huge storage space.


Custom design it
Incorporating clever custom-designed shelving enhances home living to the max. Go as high as the ceiling in that narrow bathroom space, utilise an awkward kitchen corner, make an entranceway enviable, get creative with cubes, or style up a wardrobe to movie star status.



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