Sweet deco dreams: RESENE

Curved or square, multicoloured or in your favourite hue, coloured headboards can make a stylish statement in a bedroom. They anchor the bed, drawing the eye in and adding a vibrant dimension in colour and shape.

The bonus of painting a headboard is that you aren’t restricted to using one colour. Just ensure it ties in with your bedroom’s existing palette. The deco-style curves of the panels seen in this headboard, echo the lines of the bed. Such circular forms add to the comforting feel of the room.

For your starting point, choose your Resene colours. Seek inspiration within the room itself. Look at your bed linen, artwork or curtains for ideas, even if it’s a hint of colour on a bedspread pattern or curtain print.

Once you have an idea of what you like, give yourself time to get to know the colours. Visit your local Resene ColorShop and choose some testpots. Select variations of that colour and paint two coats each onto A2 card. Place them on the wall in mixed combinations, seeing how the colours change in the natural light. Treat it like a mood board, analysing how your emotional response to the colours alters over time.

With the gentle neutral of Resene Merino in place, work on this visual warmth with multiple shades. (From left): Resene Tide in its complex beige carries plenty of character, the ideal partner next to the rich yellow of Resene Tussock; the dusky grey-blue of Resene Nepal is a welcomed cooling hue. It balances beautifully next to the romantic brown of Resene Americano; while the soft ochre of Resene Smooth Operator blends in beautifully. The relationship between most of the colours is that of warm, earthy neutrals, but it’s not too perfect – Resene Nepal breaks up the earthy tones, without making too much of a statement.

Layers of colour are essential in this bedroom, so remember, when it comes to painting your headboard, you’ve only got yourself to please. Bring in a colour you adore and add shades to it. Break it up with a surprise – a complementary hue. Rest assured, it will provide you with dreamy results.

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