Sustainable sheepskin statement: Bowron Sheepskins

Enhance the elegance of any room with a sheepskin rug – a lavish addition that offers both comfort and resilience, keeping you warm in winter and cool during summer months.

Renowned for its softness, endurance, and versatility, the ultra-soft pile of sheepskin rugs is a staple in Kiwi homes. Bowron Sheepskins takes pride in delivering unmatched excellence in its rug collection. These rugs are distinguished by their natural allure and captivating textures. Transform any space into a statement of style with their multi-piece sheepskin rugs. You can choose up to 8 pieces, which span 240cm x 180cm, and from a range of colours to suit your space.

Sheepskins are a practical and stylish choice for every room in your home and will last for years to come. Championing sustainability throughout their processes, the Bowron team excels in crafting premium-grade products. Their sheepskins come from free-range farms across Aotearoa, obtained as a by-product of the food industry. After hand selection, these sheepskins are upcycled into luxurious, soft rugs.

Explore the complete range of Bowron Sheepskins at their factory shop on Long Street or on their website. The team stands ready to address any queries you might have regarding the production process or the proper care of your newly acquired sheepskin.

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