Supporting local: The Flock

From her boutique store The Flock in The Tannery, Melody Leveridge is helping change the way we shop for the better.



Melody sources natural, organic and environmentally sourced materials, while supporting New Zealand industry and craft-makers – and shoppers are discovering they can find beautiful, unique products, and contribute towards creating a better future.

“Our dedication to supporting designers, crafters, makers and industries in New Zealand is coupled with an appreciation for design from around the world,” Melody says. “We therefore enjoy sourcing goods that are produced responsibly and ethically overseas.”

Brands on offer include From (knitwear), Kowtow, Elk, The Busy Finch, Popkraft, Ingrid Starnes, Triumph and Disaster, Anoint, Pieces of Eight and many more.

Since taking over the shop, Melody has reduced imported suppliers by 70-80 percent and enjoys inspiring and educating her clients. “It’s a no-brainer,” she says of the shop’s concept. “It makes sense to have the purchasing dollar in New Zealand, rather than overseas.”

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