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Summer is so close now you can begin to dream about days in the outdoors, in the sun and at the beach. Ah yes the beach – that means searching out the swimsuit and seeing how it looks after the winter months. Are there some pesky bulges that mar your silhouette?


Red Beauty


The team at Red Laser and Beauty have just the treatment to give you back your body confidence. It’s a slimming treatment called Cryolipolesis. That’s the technical term for our non-invasive body sculpting treatment used to reduce small stubborn fat deposits by freezing.

The experts at Red Beauty explain that the method involves controlled application of cooling within the temperature range of +5 to -11°C to localised areas to break down the fat and reshape the contours of the body. Each treatment takes an hour and can be repeated a couple of months later on the same area. It’s chilly, but not painful to have it done.

When you book this slimming treatment at Red Beauty mention Metropol and receive 50 percent off your first session.
Another enhancement for your appearance at the beach Red Beauty can help with is permanent makeup that will not wash off in the water. Imagine having perfectly designed eyebrows and eyes defined with eyeliner lasting not for a day but for several years. “It is a wonderful way of enhancing someone’s appearance.”


These are just two of the wide range of beauty treatments offered at Red Beauty – and that includes teeth whitening, Laser and IPL. Phone 03 385 8600.


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