Styling a statement piece: Resene

When investing in a statement piece of furniture it’s crucial to have a solid plan for complementary paint colours and decor.

Home decorating can be a process, but with a carefully curated colour palette, a bit of creativity, and a ‘number eight wire’ attitude, you can make one special item shine or bridge the gap while saving up for the rest of your furniture.

A dado rail can add character to a room and create a natural break between colours, allowing you to use one colour for the bottom portion of a space and a different colour for the top. In most cases, using a darker hue for the lower section creates a grounding effect. Adding accents in orange, gold, and yellow tones can bridge the gap in the spectrum between red and green tones in a complementary colour scheme.

Paint is a budget-conscious decorator’s best friend, allowing you to match furniture and decor or get more life out of pieces you already own. Use Resene Lustacryl enamel, which has a durable, semi-gloss finish that’s appropriate for furniture, to paint table legs and upcycled pieces. Using the ‘rule of three’ principle, ensure that each accent colour you use occurs in at least three places throughout your space.

By using Resene paints to colour each of the hard surfaces in a room, it’s easy to make sure each colour is used three times. If you are struggling to find a piece of artwork that matches your space, use Resene testpots in colours from your palette to create your own. With these tips, you can create a cohesive space that makes your statement piece shine.

Paint Upper wall in Resene Half Thorndon Cream, Lower wall/dado rail in Resene Double Thorndon Cream, Timber floor in Resene Colorwood Natural, Coffee table and side tabletops in Resene Domino, Bowl in Resene Half Doeskin, Large vase (with gladiolas) in Resene Dusty Road, Medium bulb vase in Resene Half Thorndon Cream, Small, ribbed vase in Resene Lemon Ginger, Low bowl dish (on side table) in Resene Sugar Loaf, DIY landscape painting in Resene Periglacial Blue, Resene Half Thorndon Cream, Resene Lemon Ginger, Resene Middle Earth, Resene Half Doeskin, Resene Domino, Resene Midnight Moss, Resene Soothe and Resene Digeridoo, Picture frame in Resene Domino.

Sofa bed from Danske Mobler
Throw from Citta
Cushions from Citta
Rug from Kmart

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