Splurge on quality pieces

Interior design, and the individual pieces that create the whole, turn a house into a home.

Many people start collecting when they buy their first home, taking their style and favourite pieces from home to home.
As tempting as it is to skimp when buying home decor, especially factoring in multiple rooms, there are certain home interior items worth spending money on.
These items can add to your home’s character, and also become a wise investment. Here are some of the top home decor items that interior designers often say are the best investment.
New, vintage and antique designer furniture often transcends trends, and typically increases in value. Trust your instincts when choosing. If you love it, then go for it. Make sure you have authentication for pieces, especially if they’re vintage. Check out antique shops, specialist markets, and garage sales.
Artwork is often the focal point of a room, and a reflection of the homeowner, making it a meaningful purchase. Plus, some pieces will retain or collect value over the years. Paintings, sculpture, mixed media pieces all count so individual tastes are easy to accommodate. Always buy a piece because you love it.
For good ambiance and a touch of glamour, consider splurging on a beautiful light fixture, a piece of eye candy to finish off your space. Don’t stop with one room, work your way through the whole house and take your time selecting lighting to set the proper mood. Add depth with an eclectic mix of lights and different finishes.

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