Solving your property problems: vUrbs

Building, developing urban and rural subdivisions, and even renovating properties usually involves planning and resource consents, and sometimes problems arise.

To avoid sticky situations, or find suitable solutions, it helps to have experts on the job. Experts such as the professional team at vUrbs Planning Services, who work with government and private sector clients, offering expertise and experience on all manner of developments.

Led by director Vishal Chandra, the team works to deliver clients’ needs, in keeping with council requirements and expectations. “We want all our clients to have a seamless process, whether we handle it from beginning to end, or help to sort out challenges and problems that arise during a development,” says Vishal. “As technical experts and risk managers, we do what is necessary to achieve balanced outcomes.

Our team are all experts at helping architects, engineers, builders, property developers, and owners with up-to-date planning expertise from the start to the finish of their projects. “Talk to us if you have a problem you need solving, or just want someone to handle planning and consents.”

Sticky situations solved

Architectural designer Kris Mahabir worked with vUrbs on two projects, and cannot speak highly enough of the company. The projects included corrections and attendance on a rural development undertaken without proper consent, infill housing, and also suburban subdivisions.
“Vishal and his team have helped me sort a few tricky problems,” says Kris. “One involved a backyard structure overlooking a reserve, obstructing public viewing. Within a few minutes of looking at the situation, Vishal came up with an all-in-one solution, handled it all with the local council, and sorted the necessary consent.”

Subdivision success
Investor Ron Williams also highly recommends vUrbs.

“Vishal and his team carried out great work for us on a subdivision consent in Tauranga city, from feasibility right through to the consent application, and approval,” says Ron. “Vishal’s in-depth knowledge of the latest plan changes helped make the process as efficient as possible. vUrbs provided a timely, cost-effective, thoughtful solution, and we highly recommend them,” he adds.

Rural development

Commercial property developer Vishal Arora says vUrbs and Vishal Chandra helped him with a rural land development. “Vishal [Chandra] helped me with his extensive knowledge to navigate some complex challenges for a resource consent application for my project. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a project partner who they can trust and discuss possibilities to unlock the potential.”

vUrbs can assist with:

  • Property due diligence
  • Resource consent applications
  • Strategic planning
  • Plan changes
  • Designations
  • Area-based planning
  • Quality and process audits
  • Construction monitoring
  • Independent hearings
  • Spatial planning

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