Curating a bathroom aesthetic

The best of the country’s bathrooms were recently put to the test for their beauty and functionality.

The winning bathrooms followed one of two aesthetics: light, relaxing, fresh, some Hamptons-esque, or dark, romantic, sultry, and luxurious. These two moods allude feelings of calm and lush purpose, making it easier to unwind and practise self-care after each day. Adhering to the aesthetic depends on whether you decide on a full bathroom renovation, or rather incorporate some useful decorative additions that match the vibe. If you’re after a re-do, it’s best to sit down with a designer and building team to bring your ideas to life.

If the latter of the two, set out to shop for pieces that pull together the look you’re after, such as towels, soap dispensers, plants and decorative aspects, or update the cabinetry and light fixings.

Michelle Gillbanks, Hamptons on Hilltop bathroom

Alongside their winners across a range of kitchen and bathroom categories nationwide, the National Kitchen and Bathrooms Association of New Zealand released their annual trends report.

On trend and set to continue are two-person and sizeable showers and sustainable products and materials. Naturally, a spacious shower wouldn’t be hard to acclimatise to. The surge in sustainability follows a general trend across most building practices in New Zealand, as businesses become more aware of – and begin to make an effort on – the impact such building projects have on the environment.

Tiling is a huge aspect of most bathroom designs and renovations, and tiles are expected to be in large format this year, while large stone slabs should also remain in favour. They offer an extremely opulent feel, a deluxe addition to truly level up a simple space.

Other add-ons to lavish living can be fitting a rain showerhead or racks and hooks to hold your bathroom necessities, including towels, products, and toothbrushes. Consider upgrading your storage containers to that of premium quality, especially if they’re on display. Think glass, stone, or porcelain materials to hold your products beautifully.

Main image: Christine Dawson, Beachside Renovation bathroom

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