Sleeveless wonder

Seen plenty in fashion weeks over recent months, the vest has been a growing trend. In addition to the coveted knit vest, the suit version is a growing favourite in the vest family.

Flattering, breathable, and luxurious, the suit vest is a chic outfit add-on that can be dressed up or down, and worn with a coordinating suit set. It ties into your work wardrobe with ease yet becomes another option for that ‘jeans and a nice top’ rotation.

A timeless classic, the knit vest, or sweater vest, gives a cosy, homey feel. It leans into the ‘eclectic grandpa’ trend in the coolest way possible. Pick cashmere or mohair styles to maintain the luxe look and consider the neckline that works best with your wardrobe. Layer them atop a collared shirt or plain tee and watch your look become so much more interesting.

Main image: Aliza Linen white vest, RUBY

Vince black vest, Juliette Hogan.
Cashmere Mix sleeveless cone flower vest, Ganni.
Wool cash melange grey vest, Low Classic.

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