Showcasing art

Acquiring a gorgeous piece of artwork is one thing, and showcasing it is another. Metropol has some suggestions about how to display them to best advantage. Simple changes can equate to big impact.


Selecting the right place for your treasured piece to sit or hang makes a huge difference to showcasing it. Start with a blank area in your décor, and see how it looks there. No go? Try swapping it for something already in the spot. Remember just because you have it doesn’t mean it all needs to be on display at once. Change the look of any room by rotating the art on display.


Colour cohesion is a styling trick that can be used to ensure art complements and rounds out room interiors.
Find hues within your art pieces that can easily be matched and introduced into everyday items in your home. Maintaining your piece as the flagship element, simple pops of colour will tie together the space and solidify its effect.


In many cases, the artworks collected over time can look better tied together into a gallery wall than randomly displayed throughout a home. A ‘gallery’ is a creative way to fill bare walls. Different sizes, shapes, and colours can complement each other to create an abstract and eye-catching effect. Arrange art on the floor first to visualise what your gallery wall will look like, and reorganise to suit.

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