Sharing you vision: VVV Real Estate

Owning a home is a vision many New Zealanders share, but finding a foothold on the property ladder can seem scary and daunting.

The knowledge and skills required to begin that journey are not taught at school. That is a lesson that Stephanie Robertson, owner of VVV Real Estate, learned for herself and that is why she and her team have the understanding and the empathy to help others realise their dreams of home ownership.

Stephanie began her career in construction and over the years through trial and error has gained a wide breadth of experience across the property sector to include residential development, interior design, landscaping, and of course, real estate.

She and her husband Andrew started from scratch, built up a property portfolio, and then established VVV Real Estate to further grow their vision. Now the company has expanded, but the aim at its core – which was Stephanie’s own dream and what continues to drive her – has never altered – that is guiding everyday New Zealanders into their own homes.

Each of the agents at VVV Real Estate shares Stephanie’s vision and it is their collective and shared approach that gives this company a unique and compassionate perspective on its relationships with clients. The agents come from diverse backgrounds meaning they form a team rich with experience and knowledge working together to get the best results.


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