Security redefined: Commonwealth Vault

In a world of uncertainty where possessions hold both sentimental and financial value, safeguarding them becomes paramount.

For those seeking a facility to store their prized valuables, their number one priority is that the facility brings the utmost in both security and sophistication for complete peace of mind.

Commonwealth Vault utilises its state-of-the-art technology with an unwavering dedication to safeguarding valuables. It is a standard of security that truly sets
them apart.

Kent Galpin, Christchurch Branch Manager, says the level of protection offered at the vault cannot be found anywhere else in the South Island.
“The facility is equipped with the latest surveillance systems, biometric access control and advanced alarm systems, leaving no room for compromise. We believe in going above and beyond to ensure the utmost confidentiality and safety for clients’ belongings.”

The vault is proud of its record as being one of New Zealand’s premier gold and silver traders, sourcing bullion from trusted mints around the world.
Kent says staff happily consult with clients in complete privacy to discuss their bullion needs, whether that be one coin through to thousands, of gold or silver.
This renowned facility has helped a multitude of customers invest with certainty in bullion, and readily welcomes a call or visit, be that from first time customers looking at how to start, through to seasoned investors.

The bullion and safe deposit services perfectly dovetail to give a seamless service with security.

In a world where security is on everyone’s minds, Commonwealth Vault emerges as the leader for safeguarding precious belongings, and bringing its clientele an unwavering commitment to peace of mind, impeccable facilities, and unmatched professional customer service, with an affordable option to suit everybody’s requirements.

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