Seasonal inviting interiors

In each new season, the colours that surround us shift to reflect the weather, and nature.

T hus, our moods and clothing colour palettes do too. With each season often comes a new wardrobe, and the same should go for our spaces of relaxation and shelter at home.
Here are some suggestions:

Switch up your cushions

An easy way to change your space seasonally is through the cushions that adorn your couches and seating areas. For autumn, think rust, ivory, and forest green hues to bring about a calming mood. Swap in silver, deep navy, rich red, and grey for the coldest months.

Play with textures
Lean into current trends with a boucle, chair or giant crochet blanket. These additions provide depth and visual weight, to bring another element to your room. Their look and feel invites the cosiness and comfort needed from the cold. You’ll want to wrap yourself up in a bundle.

Stick with simple
The easiest way to bring a season into your space is through scent. In autumn, look for notes of cinnamon and vanilla spice, before moving to pine and sandalwood scents for winter.

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