Sculpt your body: Me Time Wellness

The body sculpting method of massage is an exclusive treatment that focuses on vigorous and specific movements.

This not only drains fluids and toxins but particularly improves and reshapes the body contours, especially the abdomen, waist, hips, and buttocks.

The Me Time Wellness method includes ultrasonic cavi-lipo, radiofrequency, cupping, and vibrational platform, says massage practitioner, and company director, Vanessa Krambeck.

There are numerous benefits to a body sculpting massage, and it’s non-invasive.

It promotes weight loss by toning the body, improving circulation, and eliminating cellulite.

“This type of massage targets the underlying causes of excess weight by releasing toxins from the tissues and muscles, stimulating fat cells to release their contents, reducing fluid retention, and increasing muscle tone.

“It is the most advanced lymphatic drainage massage that provides visible changes to your body from your very first session.”

Vanessa adds that this massage is perfect for people seeking to break down and improve the appearance of cellulite and fatty deposits within their bodies. The treatment is 90 minutes and includes a hot towel and organic detox tea.

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