Flow it away: FLOWpresso

Resolve sleep, anxiety and stress symptoms.

FLOWpresso® combines three distinct therapies into one easy, efficient, and effective restorative treatment, via a comfortable and snug state-of-the-art bodysuit, using revolutionary technology.

New Zealand company, Medella Health initially started offering therapy via FLOWpresso®. Using compression massage; often used to stimulate the lymphatic system and increase detoxification, it found this new combination of technologies helped people feel better, sleep well and decreased their stress and anxiety.

The impact of this therapy was recently researched, and validated through the University of Waikato.

In Dunedin, Dr Elizabeth Harris had heard about the research on FLOWpresso® and started offering sessions in her clinic. In Christchurch, Katrina Menzies was looking for an answer for her teenage daughter, suffering from post-viral fatigue after a bout of glandular fever.

Katrina starting taking her daughter to FLOWpresso® sessions, and quickly saw the difference it made.

“I could actually see the change in mood and energy after her sessions,” she says.

Katrina and Elizabeth are both passionate about offering this technology to the people of Christchurch, hence Reflow Therapy Ltd
was born.

Based at FLOW Therapeutics, purpose-built premises housing complementary practices in Fitzgerald Avenue, the centre’s restful feel adds to the experience, says Katrina.

When the FLOWpresso® development team noticed outcomes after people had left the innovative technology they had created, the FLOWpresso® suit, they realised they were on to something that may considerably aid people. Being science-based, they organised a formal study, using New Zealand first responders.

Sleep, stress, and anxiety symptoms were measured before and after three sessions in the suit. The study (to be published soon) was validated through the Waikato University, and showed impressive results.

More than 70 percent of the participants experienced improved sleep, and reduced stress and anxiety symptoms. The results were so life-changing that some of the first response units continue to use the FLOWpresso® when needed.

So many people in Christchurch have been affected by stress and developed sleep, stress, and anxiety symptoms, says Dr Harris.

“Reflow brings you a beautiful solution, now providing FLOWpresso® sessions to the people of Christchurch. It’s a solution that is both luxuriously soothing and relaxing at the same time,” she adds.

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