Safeguarding oral health

An open letter to dental patients: You see a hygienist regularly and have a dentist check your teeth. Perhaps you’ve just had a filling, a crown, veneer, or even a root canal. You’re on the right track for dental health.



The restoration that’s just been placed in your mouth should be looking good and functioning comfortably for years or decades. It’s now part of your body – 24/7.

That foreign-to-the-body material will now be subject to extremes of heat, cold, abrasion, acid, bacteria and digestive enzymes from saliva.

New evidence shows filling materials of nearly any type can slowly break down, releasing minute amounts of the filling/restorative material/cement into the mouth over time.

Amalgam contains approximately 50 percent mercury by weight, along with silver and other metals.

Most composites and some cements used to fix crowns to teeth contain chemicals such as BPA, TEGDMA, HEMA, phthalates and sometimes titanium dioxide.

All or any of these chemicals can cause health concerns.

Biologic Dentistry seeks to use materials that are safe as possible while still allowing for excellent clinical results.

Swiss dental materials manufacturer Saremco is a manufacturing company with the same goal.

Its restorative system is reported to be the only one where every component is free of HEMA and TEGDMA (as well as above-listed chemicals) and very recently designed to resist enzymatic dissolution.

It is available to all New Zealand dentists through Bioholistic New Zealand Ltd –

Why not choose the healthier alternative, as the team at Dentistry on Merivale has? Phone 03 355 8297.


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