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Refined dining, not fine dining: Distinction Hotel

Distinction Hotel in Cathedral Square has something to smile about and we do too. Alex Ensor, a hatted chef who has just returned from the Middle East where he won the BBC GOOD FOOD restaurant of the year award, has joined the team and we are the ones that are going benefit from that.


Distinction Hotel


Starting his culinary journey at Huka Lodge New Zealand before heading to Australia and working for world renowned chefs Guillaume Brahimi and Dietmar Sawyere, Alex has had more than 20 years’ experience in leading hotels and restaurants, all of which consistently won awards. With hats being the equivalent of Michelin stars in Australasia, Alex brings a wealth of experience and passion and the new menu at Distinction Hotel is benefiting from that experience.

Designed to be accessible, it’s refined dining without being fine dining. Seared scallops on creamy cauliflower puree, parsnip crisps splashed with apple and yellow curry oil, crispy skin corned Canter Valley duck breast with kumara puree, braised cabbage, sticky mustard seed dressing, smooth peanut butter parfait with dried fig puree, oven roasted salted peanuts, paillette feuilletine, are just some of the exceptional meals made using loyal local produce; that’s the way Alex wants it.

What Alex is excited about is bringing quality, good sized plates of food to the people of Christchurch. “We want everybody to come and experience Gumption. Our team are here because we are proud of what we do and that reflects in not only our service but our attitude toward preparing new and delicious food,” he says.

Gumption Restaurant & Bar is open 6am till 10am for breakfast, 5:30pm till 10pm for dinner. The bar has an all-day menu available from 11am until 10pm and all items can be enjoyed wherever the guests choose in either the bar or restaurant.


Reservations for Gumption can be made via the main hotel number
03 377 7000. Bon appetit.


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