Radiology at its best: Beyond Radiology

Warm, inviting, modern, professional and at the forefront of radiology in Canterbury.

Words such as these instil confidence, and that’s essential when dealing with medical matters.

The team at New Zealand-owned clinician-led radiology practice Beyond Radiology, in Merivale, know that and they deliver on all counts. The practice is indeed “beyond” the concept many patients may have of radiology clinics. A first-class patient-centred experience is the prime focus and begins the moment a patient walks through the door. Welcomed by the friendly team, patients are then guided through their imaging journey with dignity, respect and compassion.

Dr Philip Clark

Chief Medical Officer Dr Philip Clark ensured the careful design of the clinic would create a calm and accessible environment where each patient’s comfort is prioritised.

Of course, it’s the imaging service that patients come to the clinic for, and that is state-of-the art. “We offer the best image quality available, with a complete suite of modalities including MRI, CT, ultrasound, and X-Ray equipment for diagnostic and interventional procedures,” explains practice manager, Serena Hitchings. “Our latest 3T MRI scanners utilise some of the most up-to-date Artificial Intelligence technology to produce incredibly sharp images of fine bone structures and cartilage detail that could not previously be seen. Referees are extremely impressed with the clarity of the scans. The scanner rooms are also designed to minimise stress with beautiful floral decals on the ceiling in the MRI and CT rooms. Alleviating stress and putting the patients’ needs first is of paramount importance to us,” says Serena.

Patients can also be assured that the clinic’s CT, X-Ray and ultrasound equipment is the latest, most sophisticated technology. The latest gadgets, however, are nothing without the team of experienced radiologists who interpret the findings and provide reports to referring clinicians. “We have an incredibly talented, highly skilled team of radiologists covering specialities including musculoskeletal, neurology and paediatrics who provide precision and clarity in reports,” says Serena. “We also provide patients secure access via our innovative Patient Portal to view their own images and reports online–something they really appreciate”.

Since opening in March 2023, the clinic has grown to keep up with demand from patients and referrers alike. “We have expanded to include a site at Dudley Creek Health, Strowan, and the recent installation of our second MRI scanner means greater capacity and shorter waiting times for patients,” adds Serena.

Beyond Radiology is striving for better health outcomes, setting new standards of care for patients in Canterbury, while going above and beyond every single day.

Call 03 964 7459 or visit the website. 

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