Catching winter sun: DGI Morgan

An advantage to living on the 45th Parallel South is the set of four distinct seasons.

Each encourages a unique set of moods and behaviours. The autumn shortening of daylight brings thoughts of cosy indoor living. We aspire to a home environment that both protects us from, and prepares us for, the daily adventure that is the South Island’s volatile winter climate.

If your home requires anything from tweaking to full scale renovation, then the team at DGI Morgan are the people to talk to. Adding double glazing to some or all of your windows is easy with company owner David Morgan also Director of Morgan Glass and Glazing. “Catching more of the winter sun is a great way to warm your home without the big power bills,” says David. “Skylights or extra windows can completely change a cold dark area of your home into a space you will be keen to use because it is warm and light-filled.”

Renovating for winter is about tailoring your property to meet your year-round needs. A cold and damp bathroom can be replaced with one which is warm and removes steam without throwing open a window. If life pivots around the kitchen, yours can be transformed into picture-perfect comfort food central. “We can advise on practical improvements for heat retention and minimising drafts, and ensure your windows and doors seal properly,” says David.

Outside areas have their seasonal life extended with solid or glazed walls and roofing, either fixed or retractable if flexibility is your aim. “The outdoor room has become non-negotiable for everyone with ‘spirited’ family members, those who like to watch sports at a stadium-like volume, and enthusiastic entertainers,” explains David. “Again, this is going to be straightforward for us to create for you, because we have DGI Morgan Ltd Steel and Fabrication within our stable of companies.”

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