Walking his talk: Art Metro

Jack Walsh says it was procrastination that prompted him to finally begin his art journey seven months ago.

Coming here stopped me from procrastinating. If it wasn’t for these classes, I wouldn’t be drawing and learning in the first place.”

Jack found Art Metro by Googling art classes, and called in one day for a visit. “They were really friendly, and I loved the vibe.” Jack currently works in fountain pen. He explains the expressive and strong lines are fun to work with.

“The positive feel to the page is a real plus. I’m also experimenting with mixing, using it on top of paints and under pastels to add colour to my work.” Jack says being a complete beginner, he has found the guidance of his tutors really helpful.

“They have saved me from going down many rabbit holes, and have given me better insight into my strengths, and confidence to keep experimenting those early stages.” For the time being, Jack wants to continue exploring options with his art for his own enjoyment. “Although, I would like to work on some bigger projects in the future, that’s most likely quite far off.”


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