Put zing into your BBQ: Hellers

Most of us heave a sigh of relief once winter has passed. Now though we have the unpredictability of early spring, but with daylight saving time here, we can soon anticipate balmier evenings, socialisin in the backyard with friends and family – and of course, barbeques.



The quintessential ingredient of any Kiwi barbeque is the sausage. Sausages however are not all created equal. At Hellers they are well aware that astute and sophisticated consumers look for excellence and innovation when it comes to butchery items to serve up on the barbie for summer. The plain, the bland and the conventional are simply not good enough, so this year Hellers has delivered once again.

Right now in a supermarket near you are two new sausage flavour sensations set to put a real zing into your barbeque – a pork and cider sausage, in which the timeless combo of pork and apple gets a bit fancy with a splash of cider, and a turkey and maple bacon sausage. Think Americana heaven of ground turkey meat with a hit of sweet-savoury maple-flavoured bacon.

Hellers has not been content introducing the summer vibe only with sausages. They are also ‘Kings of the Kebab’ with new flavours from Tandoori Chicken and Greek Lamb to Teriyaki Beef and Chorizo Pork all available from November. Add in the new Jumbo Bratwurst range – the larger and longer German sausage that will be a stand out on any barbeque – and who can doubt that Hellers and their products truly own the barbeque. Choice and variety for customers have never been better.




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