Pride and plastering

Does your home need a facelift? A fresh lip colour, a clean shave after a long day or a new haircut is often all it takes to feel rejuvenated. The same applies to your property.

A fresh lick of paint, a stylish cladding addition for a feature wall, or some re-plastering maintenance, and your home has a fresh new appeal.

We’re afforded an immediate and lasting first impression of a property from its exterior. Quality plastering however, in the hands of experts, can easily and dramatically improve the look and feel of a building, adding value, style and charm.

Greg Proudfoot Plastering and its team of skilled craftsmen provide a wide range of alternative plastering systems for residential and light commercial projects. To maintain this high-end quality workmanship, the team uses top-of-the-line products such as Resene Construction Systems, Specialized and Sto.

Bolster, boost and brighten those property walls, fences, and facades with innovative plastering choices and give your home or property the fresh makeover it deserves.

For new builds and/or a maintenance project, call Greg on 021 611 663 to discuss your best plastering options.



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