Black is the new white

Everything happens in the kitchen. With its key role as the setting to our lives, we need our backdrop to reflect who we are, allow us to function at our best, and of course, show us in our best light.

The colour trends in our kitchen settings flowed from the oranges and browns of the seventies, through the pinks and greys of the eighties, moody blues in the nineties, to arrive at pristine whites and pearl greys as the century changed. Whites remained king of our castles for longer than most palettes, finding their place in every style of home and allowing us to imprint character through accessories in neutrals or brights.

This year, white gracefully cedes sovereignty to black, with the focus also on matte and suede finishes.

Bates Joinery is at the forefront of the trend, creating striking kitchens in shades of charcoal through to black olive, jet, and onyx. “We have been off-setting black shades of cabinetry with white marbled bench tops, and sometimes complementing the black finishes with timber accents or features,” says designer Jaden Allworthy, “and the results are stunning.”



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