Perfect & Accurate Jewellery: Polished Diamonds

Just as each and every engagement and marriage is unique and special, so too are the symbolic, custom-made rings that pre-eminent jewellery designer Polished Diamonds – Jewellery Design – creates to signify the commitment.



Characterised by unparalleled quality, imagination and craftsmanship thanks to Computer Aided Design (CAD) and 3D prototyping which ensures perfect symmetry and superb accuracy – engagement rings from Polished Diamonds are truly bespoke.

The team at Polished Diamonds adopts a methodical and magical approach to the design process. Any ring design can be drawn in CAD using actual proportions to suit any budget. Ladies can design their ideal ring and ‘drop the hint’, or gents can view and create their ideal engagement ring knowing they are getting the best value.

Polished Diamonds, operating with incredible efficiency online at and from its plush, parlour-esque location on New Regent Street, offers a lifetime guarantee and works with ethically mined diamonds and gemstones.


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