Wet Feet Dry Feet Travel

One of a kind travel: Wet Feet Dry Feet Travel

Wet Feet Dry Feet Travel is a bespoke travel planning and design service focused on providing personalised travel experiences.


Wet Feet Dry Feet Travel
Ricci Harbuck


The company engages with clients from the inspiration stage through to travel completion to design truly one of a kind travel. Recognising the trend of travellers becoming more involved in booking their own travel, Wet Feet Dry Feet Travel partners with clients to plan and design travel experiences that reflect their travel dreams instead of offering one-sized fits all packages.

Drop-off and pick-up service between home and the airport is included for all itineraries. Complimentary travel concierge service is available 24/7 and allows for real time assistance for itinerary changes and booking of tours and activites..
The company also translates this concept into its corporate offerings by assisting both employers/employees with incorporating personal travel into their business itineraries through its Briefcase2Backpack programme.


Call and speak with Ricci, your Dry Feet Travel expert today! Visit wetfeetdryfeettravel.co.nz.


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