Olive it!

Last year we were all about the dramatic fiddle leaf fig, this year, potted perfection comes in the form of the much subtler olive tree. Instead of a burst of bright green, they offer a more sophisticated sage. We’ve put together some tips on making the most of your new leafy addition to the home.



Sun: One of the olive tree’s most basic needs is sunlight, this is where it gets its energy from to make its own food. This plant is a rather needy one… preferring at least six hours of sun a day.

Size: These aren’t your typical house plants that can live most of their lives in a tiny pot. Investing in dwarf olive trees might keep the plants from overrunning your living space.

Soil: The beautiful olive tree is native to the Mediterranean so they are suited to drier air and love soil that drains easily (much like a cactus mix). Make sure when you’re potting them that the container is larger than the main mass of roots at the base of the plant, this will allow space for the plant to grow.

Handy Tip: You’d think we wouldn’t have to remind you to water a plant but every plant is different. With this specific tree, it’s recommended to use your finger to stick into the pot to feel if the soil is dry. If it does, it’s time to water again.


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