New business strategist: EBI

James Makoni brings a wealth of experience in logistics and supply chain management to EBI.

James, a Christchurch resident for more than 30 years, is a seasoned business strategist with practical execution skills. His career spans senior and executive roles in leading New Zealand companies across diverse industries, including processing, manufacturing, retail, distribution, sales, service, import, export, and asset management.

James excels in collaborative planning with local and international partners, continuous improvement initiatives, supply chain transformation, and strategic business development. His dedication to excellence focuses on enhancing customer service, boosting productivity and efficiency, increasing profitability, and ensuring peace of mind for staff and business owners.

With extensive experience and a results-driven approach, James is uniquely positioned to help businesses thrive in today’s competitive and challenging environment.

Every business owner can benefit from a ‘coach’ to navigate the complexities of running and growing a successful enterprise. An EBI strategist provides invaluable insights and objective perspectives, helping to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. They offer tailored and proven strategies for enhancing productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

With a focus on accountability, an EBI business strategist ensures goals are met, and challenges addressed proactively. Additionally, they bring expertise from diverse industries, offering innovative solutions and best practices. Ultimately, a business coach empowers owners to make informed decisions, foster leadership skills, and achieve sustainable growth in a competitive market.

For a no obligation chat or free diagnostic business assessment, contact James at or call 027 675 3498.

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