New Brighton renaissance: Ali Adams ChristchurchNZ CEO

New Brighton is ready for a renaissance – in fact, it’s taking shape as you read this.

We all know the story of New Brighton, a once thriving seaside town and home to New Brighton Mall – the only retail centre in Christchurch where Saturday trading was permitted. The introduction of seven-day trading led to rapid economic decline and the closure of several businesses. Earthquakes compounded the decline.

This year signifies a turning point for the area. The vision for New Brighton is to create a dynamic seaside attraction, offering exceptional dining experiences, diverse activities, and a distinctive retail atmosphere.

Alison Adams, CEO ChristchurchNZ

ChristchurchNZ is collaborating with community and business groups to revitalise the retail centre, while staying true to the community’s needs and preserving its unique identity. Combining the creative village vibe with modern elements has the potential to make it an inspiring and irresistible destination.

Exciting developments are already in motion as residential projects and private developments begin to take shape. The popular He Puna Taimoana/New Brighton Hot Pools are attracting huge numbers, the Community Leadership Group is progressing the Village Green project, and Martini Investments have exciting plans for several local properties, including the Surfside Mall retail arcade.

With its proximity to the city and breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, New Brighton has immense potential for economic growth. From rejuvenating hot pools and trendy cafés to forests, wetlands, and stunning coastline, this coastal suburb’s revival has momentum.

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