Replenish and recover

Plenty of discussion happens around the best workouts and the right way to do them. What’s not so often talked about is how to refuel afterward.

Consuming the correct foods after a workout can be an incredibly beneficial tool in your exercise routine. For hydration, muscle protein increases, and to reduce the opportunity for injury, eating after intense activity is great. This all leads to better recovery, which soon results in better outcomes for both your body and mind.

Considering the nutritional value of the food you consume after a workout is key. Expert nutritionists suggest following the three “Rs” of recovery. Refuel with complex carbohydrates and glycogen, Rehydrate through electrolytes and fluids, and Repair by focusing on protein-rich foods. So, eat things like brown rice, fruit and vegetables, eggs, yoghurt, tofu, white meat, and beans. Opt for water over electrolyte-based drinks unless the exercise is especially strenuous.

The time you should leave between finishing your workout and eating a meal or snack depends on the length and intensity of your workout. If you’ve undergone heavy exercise, and are looking to build more muscle, try eating within 45 minutes to one hour of completion. On the flip side, if you’ve performed a workout at low intensity, such as walking or yoga, it’s suitable to wait for your next meal or just enjoy a light snack.

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