Natural Instinct

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Natural fibres are bringing authentic warmth to our decor. We look at how to introduce this knotty and nice aesthetic to refresh and lighten the home.


Natural Instinct


Easy on the eye, to the touch, and for the planet, natural fibres appeal to our instincts in woven, knitted or knotted renditions. Natural fibres are non-toxic, which is reassuring for little family members especially, and are usually low maintenance and affordable.

Strong and durable linen is a breathable fabric that creates beautifully hanging curtains, sumptuous duvets and the ultimate cool summer cushion. As anyone that has owned a time-softened linen tea-towel knows, it’s a practical fabric that endures.
Natural woven mats are the latest practical investment. Jute, often dubbed the ‘golden fibre’ for its silky sheen, is an affordable, tough material suitable for a stampede of family members – but which still feels soft under foot.


From large lounge-floor covers to creative circular mats, they grace everything from entrances to hallways. Ethnic looks, fine traditional herringbone design, or colourful-dyed quirky patterns with knotted edging, it’s all in. Sea grass gives a beachy vibe, whereas sisal is the strongest, its thick fibres trapping dirt which is easily vacuumed out.

Fulfilling our love of the natural, textural and the handmade is original and traditional artwork from macramé to tapestry. Baskets can be made from coconut fibre and hemp table-runners will grace the dining table. Bamboo and rattan will be the natural choice for indoor and outdoor furniture, even lampshades and headboards. Nature has woven its way back into the heart of the home this season.



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