A Pocket Rocket

A Pocket Rocket: Volkswagen Polo GTI

The year 2018 was a great one for me driving some spectacular cars. My small car pick for last year was the Volkswagen Polo GTI and I wasn’t alone in that decision, with the latest model generation of the Polo being selected for the renowned ‘World Urban Car of the Year’ award at the New York Auto Show.


A Pocket Rocket


The Volkswagen Polo starts at $25,490 for the TSI manual up to the GTI at $38,490. I was driving the GTI so, I’m going to focus on that, because that car really made me smile. As far as statistics go, it’s a 2L petrol, 147kW, 320Nm, 6-speed DSG, 17 inch Milton Keynes alloys, LED headlights & DRL, dark red LED taillamps, Discover Media & Nav, keyless entry, sports suspension, driver profile selection. Now I can go on and on about the statistics, but what you don’t get unless you’re driving it, is the sheer exhilaration that comes with taking to the road in this beauty.

I love the road up to Sugarloaf to test how a car handles and both the power and the suspension make this one feel like it’s driving on rails. Just a tap on the accelerator has you rocketing forward and in total control. The sound system is fantastic, and the sports seating makes you feel like you’re driving a much more expensive vehicle. I drove the Ferrari Portofino the same month and had a similar feeling.


Sounds like a bit of an OTT reaction? No, it really is a great driving experience. Adam Smith from Miles Continental had told me it was a step up from last year’s model and I thought it was just ‘sales speak’ but no, this really is a driver’s car. Don’t get me wrong when I say ‘small car’. There is plenty of room in the car for the family; plenty of boot space and everything you want in an interior for the modern driver.

VW is only second to BMW for my award for interactive dashboard connectivity and the 8-inch touch screen. Combine that with the GTI Polo and you really do have a winner. It’s also damn cute with those Milton Keynes 17-inch alloy rims just making the outstanding lines on the polo not only look good, but also clean. The honeycomb grille and red spoiler just finish off what is a great car.

So there it is – it looks great, it’s a fantastic drive and it’s great to ride in. I call it the pocket rocket, but no matter what you call it, it’s worth its place at number one. Well done Volkswagen.



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