Nailing it: Feet First Podiatry

Whether you’re toeing the line or dragging your feet with regards to specialist care, feet are more than a metaphor, and deserve professional attention, especially with debilitating toenail pain.

Prolonging unhealthy toenail conditions causes significant complications and adversely compromises wellbeing, regular activities, and footwear compatibility. A professional diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan is essential.

Common abnormalities such as ingrown, split or involuted (curved) nails often result from incorrect cutting, minor infections, excessive shoe pressure, or a major nail trauma. These conditions often require a surgical procedure.

Feet First Podiatry offers an innovative non-surgical solution, known as Toenail Bracing. Although a lengthy process (between 8-24 months to complete), the exciting news is that any anesthesia, recovery time and much dreaded procedural pain, is completely eliminated.

The titanium toenail brace is designed to allow for your natural toenail to regrow in the correct position. This is achieved by applying a titanium wire to the nail, and a LED light to cure it. New wire is applied every 8-12 weeks depending on the rate of nail growth. After completion, a healthy nail continues to grow naturally.

If you would like more information about this or any other podiatry services visit the website.

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