More than dentistry: Simply Smiles

From the start of her career, Jiljane Delaney from Simply Smiles has always been focused on improving health.



With a strong lean toward teaching throughout her family line, she has always seen her job as more than just cleaning teeth. Recently, Jiljane undertook a diploma in Life Coaching to help her improve their service. In her mind, dental hygiene treatment is more than simply scaling and cleaning teeth and you will find this out for yourself when you attend her clinic. Jiljane is incorporating coaching tools along with her vast experience as a clinician to help her clients get the most from the appointment and improve their oral health status.

What you can expect from their service: full oral health assessment, a discussion around your needs, fears, and hopes, thorough debridement of all the surfaces of your teeth and a personalised plan to get you moving toward health. The new client appointment is an hour and Jiljane desires that no client feels like a number in her day, but rather a relationship is built and an agreement as to how you can get to your oral health goals.

“With the whole person in mind, we educate, inform and coach our clients toward health. We support our team to allow exceptional integrity in our service to our clients. By serving one client at a time, keeping the focus on the whole client, we will bring health to the person, family, and community.”

Be sure to schedule your dental hygiene coaching appointment with her today.



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