Meeting expectations: DCM Roofing

Christchurch pilot Iain McPhail likes to combine business with pleasure. He has been known to fly his aerobatic plane to provide quotes for roofing customers who are further afield.

The advocate for the Canterbury Recreational Aircraft Club is keen to get more people into the cockpit and is also keen on setting people straight on what to expect from a roofer.

His company DCM Roofing has been in business for 20 years and luck has nothing to do with that longevity.

“Especially this year. The dreaded C-word (Covid-19), has had a big influence on most businesses, but it’s good business practice that gets you through the hard times, not good luck.”
Iain says that you have to make sure that you deliver what you say you’re going to.

“It’s no secret that building supplies are an issue, but we have good relationships with our suppliers, so we know where the stock is. You just have to put more thought into logistics.”
His company has always used methods and materials that deliver beyond Building Code requirements.

“That’s just the norm for us,” says Iain.

Contact Iain to talk about anything to do with roofs. Email or call 027 445 5597.

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