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Making Waves: Acoustic Architecture

Acoustic Architecture is leading the way in the design of functional, yet visually stunning bespoke acoustic treatment solutions.


Acoustic Architecture


By merging the lines between art and technology, founder Peter Williams creates high-end, quality pieces that serve a purpose. Having designed and built more than 50 houses, Peter walked away from a successful business 10 years ago due to a change in family circumstances that required him to work from home. A lifelong interest in music and acoustics led him to build one of Christchurch’s few professional recording studios, Riverside Sound.

Conversations with the designers of some of Europe’s finest studios resulted in Riverside Sound being rated by many of Peter’s clients as the best sounding space they’d ever recorded in. Continual requests for advice and assistance with soundproofing and acoustic treatment for other recording spaces led to the formation of Acoustic Architecture. Now those in the know not only seek out his curved creations as artwork, they look to his Scandinavian-inspired, Birch plywood Wave Walls, Wave panels, Wave ceilings and Wave Room dividers because of their ability to control reverberation and noisy environments.

Even though the Waves look like they could appear in a designer homeware store, there’s plenty of science wrapped up in their elegant lines.  “Our range of Wave products diffuse noise that comes into contact with them as well as having a very high sound absorption rating,” Peter explains.  “The curved acoustic wall panels reduce the effect of sound and reverberation over a much larger frequency range than conventional flat panels. We also work with an artist and have our own photographer, who provides amazing images which are printed onto a range of 100 percent recyclable acoustic panels.”

On the other hand, soundproofing is about constructing a wall or ceiling to reduce the amount of sound passing through that element from the neighbouring room. A major client has required consulting, design and testing services for 20 hearing clinics during the last five years. This has also included the supply of acoustic panels and soundproof testing booths. The team at Acoustic Architecture designs, creates prototypes, tests and manufactures all of its products at the factory here in Christchurch.

If you own a café or bar requiring a noise management solution, are undertaking a commercial fit-out, designing any style of new build, or just want a sensational piece of art to add style to your home or office, contact Peter to arrange a viewing at their show home.


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