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Sometimes it’s the small details that turn an okay day into a great day. Sometimes something seemingly small comes into your life, and you wonder how you ever lived without it.

Take your garage door as a classic example. You use it every day, sometimes multiple times per day. It should open, close, or move exactly when it’s supposed to. While usually not a life or death situation, a garage door on the blink can put a major crease in your soul.

Fortunately, modern life offers elegant solutions to keep your soul as crisply ironed as 007’s shirt. At Garador Christchurch, owner Aaron Harvey has a range of garage door accessories that will make every day that little bit smoother. “If you are building new, doing renovations, or simply looking to enhance your life, have a chat to us,” says Aaron. “We have solutions, we have upgrades, and we believe we can even add a bit of luxury to your life with what we offer for your garage’s entry and exit.”

The team has a smartphone control app designed to make garage door control and monitoring a breeze. “You can be anywhere you want to be, safe in the knowledge that your garage door is secure,” says Aaron. “This one is a particular hit with parents whose teenage children leave the house after them, because you can see if the door is closed, and who closed it. If it isn’t closed, the app enables you to secure it on the spot.” The activity log keeps tabs on all usage, you can allow full or temporary access to others, and hands-free voice operation is also available.

There are also infrared safety beams. These are mandatory with smartphone control, but also extremely useful alone, because an infrared beam signals the garage door opener that the beam is interrupted. It prevents injury to pets or children if they are crossing under a closing door. It adds a layer of protection on top of the ISS safety sensor that comes with garage doors. If the beam is connected to your app, it acts as a silent alarm whenever your door is in use, or if your opener needs servicing.

Backlit entry keypads free you from keeping track of opener fobs or keys altogether. “This one is a must if you have family prone to losing or forgetting keys and fobs, or if you like to go out running or dog walking carrying the minimum,” says Aaron.

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