Complete design inside and out: Foley Group Architecture

Good design starts with context, whether for a house, an office building or a civic project.

Site selection is critical, although the reasons for choosing one are personal and varied, says design director Rob d’Auvergne, of Foley Group Architecture. They have been designing residential and commercial buildings, interiors, and landscapes for over 35 years.

“We work with each site’s unique challenges and opportunities, creating spaces that stay warm and healthy with minimal intervention, while staying visually and physically connected to the environment in which they sit,” Rob explains.

“Family comes first. Whatever size and shape ‘family’ is for you, it’s the reason for building a new home, or altering your existing one. We listen carefully to understand what makes yours special, and design accordingly.”

Treading lightly is also part of Foley Group’s ethos. “As well as being beautiful, the building form, envelope, and materials should be considered to minimise the build’s impact on resources. Good decisions will benefit the occupants with better health and lower running costs, and also safeguard future generations.”

Rob says size doesn’t matter. “A project or budget doesn’t need to be big to benefit from the involvement of experienced architects. Regardless of scale, we ensure you get the best return on your investment by staying proactive, responsive, flexible, and curious. “Whether it’s your first time or you’ve seen it all before, designing and building is a journey that is seldom linear. We will help you plan it, walk it with you, and share the enjoyment of arrival.”

Foley Group teams work synergistically to provide end-to-end property design solutions, and also take on independent projects in their niche areas of expertise.
  • Architecture: The team specialises in the design and documentation of residential dwellings, retirement villages, commercial buildings, and accommodation complexes.
  • Interior design: Known for creating unique spaces, specialist sectors include residential, retirement, commercial, accommodation, and hospitality.
  • Landscape design: Practical, sustainable and inspiring outdoor space creations that enhance their environment.

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